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The ruler of Imperial Guard Oz 6th and chapter master founder Imperial Eagle 1st

Current Residence: townhouse
Favourite genre of music: more movies music
Favourite style of art: manga/anime
Operating System: Lord Sjaak HQ MainFrame
Wallpaper of choice: gundam, warhammer
Favourite cartoon character: Treize Kushrenada
Personal Quote: When Does Hurting Stop
i wanna to tell you on DA that maybe near future i shall not coming uploading the comic's it is not i gonna stop it....hell no i do have big plans for it and building project working on it...

buti gett a extremely worried message from my mother...yeah she get finally realised that she make a mistake and try to fix it on her own way...but that is not right point yet...

the e-mail from my mother is writing by my aunt and uncle that have supervison on condition of my grandmother, her condition getting weaker and weaker... and the doctor say that her heart is getting time is coming for end of her aunt write also that family not shall getting surprise when it it give extremly strong signal that her time really come to end...

i wanna tell little bit on my grandmother what i know about her in WW2...and yes she was resistance fighter in her teen ages...she did bring my grand father in cover because he was surgeon and he get orders to come working in Nazi armies... but he resist and get to cover. in the during of the war my grandmother was living on a farm and lived in province of groningen... she bring messages in her town and also resistance bulltins in the war. and also not with out danger... my grand mother does complain about the awfull huge batteries she must pick up in city Den Helder and back....

also she came later in de war station in cell "north-holland" (province of the netherlands) what she did there... we shall never know because her condition is worst and she hate to tell it... also she did escape out the hands of Gestapo agents by tipping off by worker in city hall where her sister getting married. she have extremly luck on her side back then.

after the war she did tell to me (because i was really intressting in the stories) to help dutch goverment to catch country traitors that where on the list as stamp "resistance fighters"... she did get as medaille but the dutch goverment only give that to her if she ask for it and she was really angry...because she still believe that medail only on there actions and bravery and not by asking for she did denied it and go move on with her life.

after the war my grand father getting forced (official document are volunteerd but unoffcial he is forced for it) to dutch army and getting fast station in dutch indonessia, he came doctor of volunteerd army camp.

but so that is why my grand parents fast getting married and making my grandmother wedding dress from old white parachutes that after the war still laying around. my grandmother getting wel pregnant when my grandfather leave to far east.

this is few short stories we getting from my grandmother after the war... sadly due her age of 92 is her mind also fadding away. that is why i wanna tell to you how risk and bravery my grandmother was in the war. ofcourse i and my family shall never know 100% what happens about my grandmother in her resistance fighters but it is well the truth.

sadly the farm of my grandmother is burn down by the nazi-germans army forces so there are also nothing to show pictures of her young life...

she did tell how her parents struggle with effects of the war and how depression they where.. even she blurting out that some her uncles and aunts getting suicide making by hearing voices in there head... but i really doubt that due condition of my grandmother.. how ever there is always core of truth in any story of her

i feel she must getting her resistance fighter medal and must giving by goverment and not asking for it...

i hope you shall remember that some grand parents that fighting in the war must giving up there teenagers life for liberate there countrys or some one else country that is why i am still standing for respecting any veterans that fighting in any wars or missions around the world and that younger generation no showing respect of is making sick but also don't leave any grandparents alone and behind because they like to see your face of give some time for your time. i have now few grand parents and i do my best to seeing them...also this journal was meaning of short messages but i did write long journal now...

if i don't upload any photo's than it happens something in my private life and i am sorry for it. but for now i go make best of this weekend and i wish you all good luck...


Doll house refrigerator part 9 (top side) by lordsjaak
Doll house refrigerator part 9 (top side)
what you see it top side of refrigerator, he is also rid off the silver colour and i did also on the bottom of the refrigerator (like the back i did not a photo yet.... sorry) so that is the photos for now and i need order some materials like lighting and some rosters to putting your food on it.

because it look more 1950's i also decide to paint in to 50's colour style so that look better on it. the door handle bar it is chrome colour and i keep that way so it look more in that 50's style. i hope you enjoy the photos and who knows maybe you see the 
refrigerator in my comic some times?
Doll house refrigerator part 8 (front) by lordsjaak
Doll house refrigerator part 8 (front)
also the back of it and the front i did make rid off the silver colour on the refrigerator it does look better on it =p
Doll house refrigerator part 7 (left) by lordsjaak
Doll house refrigerator part 7 (left)
the left side of refrigerator same story, 4 different sanding paper and rid off silver colour
Doll house refrigerator part 6 (right) by lordsjaak
Doll house refrigerator part 6 (right)
well because i can't working any more because for drying the green stuff material i did again with 4 different types of sanding paper to clear old paint work of silver. it is again blank panel and you well see the 3 places i did fill it up with plastic sheet for refrigerator panels to line it up
Doll house refrigerator part 5 by lordsjaak
Doll house refrigerator part 5
well because i am sucking in straight line figure sawing, i filling the gaps up with green stuff again. what you now see give me couple days to dry it up so i can't work it a break for me :)

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