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The ruler of Imperial Guard Oz 6th and chapter master founder Imperial Eagle 1st

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You maybe know my figure KOS-MOS?

Well I’m working on new comic, I did finish the script and I shall also make the same humor in the comic. Also I want something new, don’t worry I shall not stop working on Annelotte’s adventure. But I want do something with KOS-MOS, I know she is too big for comic and also little useless for it.


So that is why I want to make comic for bigger figures like KOS-MOS and our Natasha, yeah they shall most of the time working together but also I want to show my scouting experience in the comic with KOS-MOS. That is one of reasons she have wearing scouting uniform still today on, I’m also old scouting member and I do have nice experience of it. That is why I want to show you in this comic and also nice moment of it.


Off course you shall see more photo’s outside my house than because you shall see more as road trip style comic of it. (Except when it raining, I hate to getting wet and also expensive doll like KOS-MOS)


Also the different you shall see on KOS-MOS comic and Annelotte comic, shall be the emotions on KOS-MOS face. If you know KOS-MOS come from different company and also there is sometimes (I call it) limited’s on the figures, the KOS-MOS figure I get from have just one set of flesh color hands and the rest are black style because of her gloves she wearing as original clothes.


I shall try my best to order and find different hand poses but her head style and the face it shall difficult and maybe really expensive to get one. So due my limited budget I have, there shall maybe mistakes in her hands to get poses you shall like of it.


Same thing with items like clothes or other dolls items, there shall sometimes off scale style or just lack of it. I try my best to shave of the amateurish style comic and also try to keep better into it, I hope you like the idea and keep reading of it? I know you shall like it and also I have limited budget


Also the time for it, you know I try to keep deadlines to released pages on Annelotte’s adventures, well do my job it is sometimes really getting toll on my body, heavy lifting. Weird locations, big stupid objects like closets and couches. You name it and it is really heavy on my body….. So that is why delaying about the pages, lucky I did also uploading on my FB page so that I have little bit back-up on my work. Like my computer incident, but this week I did originally planned 1 week vacation was for my uncle. Yeah, my uncle and I going again to museum like 2 years ago in museum Overloon.


He is really busy person and lucky he getting to his retirement age, so he has rights in my country that he must work less hard. So his oldest son takes over the company but off course my uncle shall always support his son.


But my uncle did have this month to many conventions for the company so… he doesn’t have time for me, I understand it so we did both make new plans in October. So again you getting also photos of the museum I and my uncle shall visited, yes it is a military museum.


I can made patreon account for my comic but, I don’t want your money. I do like my hard work and I know you like what I am doing but it is my hobby and it does feel awesome I pay and work on the items what I love for it. I know that people have one for their one reason but my reason is my own and I would like to see my hard work and effort and share to you all. So if you send money to me, don’t be angry I refused to you, I am a worker and honest one. I am not perfect but I would like to see effort in my own hands and my own working hands. Because I get more credits and positive comment on that way than I must forced or pushed to get that direction… I like my own way working style it is the best way for me.


I hope you like the idea for making new comic style to keep original comic on this page? And I hope you also understand why I am not putting the comic pages on schedule way? But I do most work alone and my grammatical check I do with my Pal :iconchuuninj:  so I hope you understand it?


Tomorrow I shall make photos of prolog pages for KOS-MOS comic with why I made different comic.

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KOS-MOS, A scouting Adventure page 2 by lordsjaak
KOS-MOS, A scouting Adventure page 2
prologue chapter:…
first page:…
prev page:…
next page: coming soon

well on this page it is special one and one with large amount of miles to ride... on my bike ^-^ KOS-MOS is on every panel in 2 cities and 1 village to make the photoshoot, it is for not most active page i ever done. shall it come in the future? (yes it does ;) ) but for now i shall slow down for pages not because of my job... but with my doll house i buy from my work, also i go spend some times on it because i did putting aside like the caravan and other projects i shall work on this.

i know that this comic just new and i shall work on it, because KOS-MOS is m favorite anime character and with her poses and large figure it is better for new ideas with less money. so that i can spend my money on project for "Annelotte's Adventure" i hope you can under stand it that i slow it down. even my pal :iconchuuninj: is also working hard for me.

his 3D printer is back and he try for me a hairband, not simple one. but a KOS-MOS version 1 hairband out his 3D printer, not one hairband but two. one for kos-mos and one for me. i did love version 1 hairband out xenosaga and i feel really sad that version 4 kos-mos released but also i do like the figure bases and that is why i want to have it. so my friend is also working hard and i hope he shall be oke?

for now i shall wel little bit working on new scripts for kos-mos comic but i shall most time also spending on my projects because they becom really big and i can't delayed any more. so less comic uploading and more working on it.

i hope you enjoy the comic? and really i did have lucky moment the weather was really awesome on the day :D

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